Tips on Dining Out when You Have Hypoglycemia

Published: 16th January 2009
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People with hypoglycemic symptoms very often think that they cannot go out to dine because restaurants won't cater to them.

In fact restaurants, especially since the 'credit crunch', will go out of their way to accommodate hypoglycemics. Don't only think of the waiter, think of the owner behind the restaurant. He wants your business and you should in no way feel intimidated about discussing foods which will affect your low blood sugar.

Advance planning by contacting the restaurant, even in person, is a must. Early on in the day before many guests arrive you will find the manager or headwaiter only too happy to deal with your hypoglycemic symptoms. They will keep a record of your requirements for the following evening.

Any good restaurant which you visit regularly will soon keep a record of various menus for hypoglycemics (low blood sugar levels). You will find they will swap a potato, rice, pasta or starch based dish for different vegetables or a small salad.

By carefully avoiding any refined carbohydrates it doesn't mean there will be nothing left in the restaurant to fill your fancy. On the other hand, there is no point in carefully sticking to your diet plan at home if you are going to ignore everything once you are out and about.

Don't be tempted by the tantalising home-made refined bread served before your meal arrives. One roll is the equivalent of two starch servings.

Nearly all restaurants aim to give a protein for the main course - so the basics of the meal are already okay. However, you should understand the make-up of the dishes which might include refined carbohydrates. Do not hold back, respectfully ask the waiter with what the meal is prepared. Is it bread crumbs, flour or sugar? Fish, meats and poultry can be covered with flour. Also don't overlook gravies and sauces.

There are a number of terms restaurants use which you should realize are not good for your hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). They are:

* Gravy * Barbecued

* Glazed * A la mode

* Crispy * Sweet and Sour

* Breaded * Honey baked

* Creamed * Stuffed/stuffing

* Fruited * Tetrazzini

You will need to do some background reading to further understand which foods are unacceptable to hypoglycemics. Information to help you start your diet changes is readily available at a small cost to yourself.

The benefits of the right information on hypoglycemia will far outweigh the time and effort required to understand what is a healthy diet and keep you away from the dangers which low blood sugar can lead to.


To live life to the full without fear of the dangers various foods can do to your low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) you need in-depth information. Visit to find out more.

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